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Part of my mission here at Healing Haus Yoga is to help make healthy living the intuitive norm rather than the oddball exception.  Food is medicine and the more people who have access to and an understanding of healthy whole foods, the healthier and better off we are as a society as a whole.  Which is why I have decided to write down some of my own recipes and share them with you.  Healthy eating needn't be the scary unobtainable thing diet culture has made it out to be.  

So, if you have been toying with the idea of eating better but aren't sure where to start,  or if you just want some new ideas for dinner this week, then I invite you to download my free 5 day dinner planner.  Enjoy some of the same delicious foods I serve at my own table and see just how simple healthy living can be.  PLUS as a special bonus I have also included 2 bonus breakfast recipes for meal prepping, because I believe that meal prepping is the best way to incorporate healthy living into a busy lifestyle.  By having healthy fresh breakfast options on hand you never need to skip breakfast, no matter how busy you get.

One of the hardest parts of eating well is figuring out what to eat.  This week, let me handle the planning and take the guess work out of dinner for you with my free 5 day dinner planner.   

Bon Appetit! 



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My name is Melissa.  I am a 200hr yoga instructor and content creator.

I began Healing Haus Yoga so that others might come to find their own happiness within the “confines” of their very familiar & very ordinary own four walls.  Through the practice of yoga and mindful living I hope to help others see their self worth and find peace within themselves.

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