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My go to products & resources that have helped me deepen my practice both on & off the mat.

Before you buy anything, ask yourself…

Do I need this? Will it bring me joy or help me in any way?

If the answer is yes, go ahead and buy it. If the answer is no, maybe ask yourself if you can re-use anything you already have or meet this need in any other way.

Food That has Transformed My Body

Purple carrot taught me everything I know about plant based cooking. They made it easy, fun and delicious. There’s more to plants then salad 🥗

Layla® Hybrid Mattress

Little secret… I used to wake up exhausted and in pain every morning until I found this little gem. With copper infused memory foam, flippable firmness and an individually wrapped coil system this is hands down the best mattress I have ever owned. And now I sleep through the night and wake up pain free. Love, love, love my Layla Hybrid Mattress!

Get$200 off yours when you use my code FRIEND30137

Kinsley Armelle

Harness the unique healing energies of quartz and other semi precious stones and look good doing it, with the beautiful hand crafted fashions by Kinsley Armelle .

Focus your energy with quartz, enhance perception and elevate your mood with agate, or improve digestion and your immune system with amethyst. The list goes on but you get the idea :)

I love the hand crafted unique pieces at Kinsley Armelle and I know you will too.

Use discount code HHY15 for 15% off of your order!

Yogi Starter Kit

Personize, experiment and master your practice with the right gear


I’ve bought, tried on and returned more yoga apparel items then I can count. Here are the one’s that have made the cut.

Equipment I Use

When you are ready to take your yoga to the next level

Food That Has Transformed My Body

All the delicious recipes and ideas I use to stay healthy and fit.

Authors That Have Transformed My Practice

Learn about the true purpose of yoga, why we do it and how our bodies and minds work together to do this amazing work

Balancing Your Root Chakra

A little help can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Find the support you need in finding your balance with these helpful tools.

Design Your Happy Place.

An eclectic collection of home décor to create the perfect meditation space

Meditation Made Easy

Products to make meditation it easier, more comfortable, and more accessible to everyone. It's amazing to see how a few minutes of meditation can make a big impact on someone's mental health. I believe mental self-care is essential, not optional.

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