Mind Your Food

Mindfulness Based Weight Management


You know diets don’t work. But did you know that diets can actually be dangerous?

Studies have shown that individuals with repeated fluctuations in weight are at a significantly higher risk of diabetes and other weight related illnesses (Mann et al. 2007). If diets don’t work then what is the key to obtaining and maintaining a beautiful, capable and healthy body?

In a word… Mindfulness.

In my 8 week mindfulness based weight management program I will show you how to fall back in love with food and with your body. Together we will heal your relationship with food, learn how to properly listen and respond to what your body needs and understand just what happens in the body when we consume nutrients.

Unlike diets, which function on a deprivation-based model, mindfulness operates on an abundance-based model. A model of loving kindness. Accepting ourselves just as we are, love handles, thighs and all; in a gentle, nonjudgmental, eyes wide open sort of way. Because, ironically, only when we begin to accept things just as they are, can we change anything (Carl Rogers).

In order to effect real and lasting change in your diet, body and therefore your life is to change how you interact with food.

Change your mind, change your waistline!

And that is what I am here to help you do :)

Upcoming Classes

This 8 week class is offered periodically throughout the year. See what’s coming up and which option fits your schedule

Who can benefit from Mindfulness Based Weight Management?


Not everyone who struggles with food is overweight. Whether you are overweight, underweight or a healthy weight we all can benefit from a better relationship with our food.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Do you ever eat for any reason other then being hungry? (Sad, happy, bored etc..)

  • Do you ever eat too much and feel terrible afterwards?

  • Have you ever noticed that food seems to lose its richness or flavor after the 1st few bites?

  • Have you ever finished a meal and wondered where all your food went?

  • Have you ever eaten a meal only to find a little while later that you can’t recall what you ate?

  • Do you perceive some foods as good/bad or better/worse than others?

  • Do you ever indulge & then chastise yourself for giving in or being weak?

  • Do you ever obsess or stress about what you can or can’t eat?

  • Do you avoid situations where you might not have control over what food is available to you?

If you said yes to any of the above then you can benefit from Mind Your Food.

Pricing Options

Find the perfect fit for you.

I can help you fall back in love with, not just your food but with your body.

You have tried and failed too many times. The time for real change is now and I can help you do it. Check out the link below for pricing and package details.

With both in person group coaching and an online self paced option everyone can benefit from Mind Your Food.

What’s involved in the practice of mindful eating?

Fundamentally the practice of mindful eating involves

  • Learning how to really love your food.

  • Devouring every delicious mouthful fully aware of the experience by engaging all of your senses to notice the colors, smells, sounds, textures, and flavors of your food.

  • Learning how to actively listen to your body so you can notice the effects food has on your feelings and figure.

  • Learn how to identify and satisfy what it is you are really hungry for. (Hint: it isn’t always food)

  • learning how to actively listen and trust the bodies physical hunger cues and respecting and abiding by the bodies innate wisdom

  • learning to cope with guilt and anxiety about food

Eating is one of the most pleasurable things we do and something that we should truly enjoy.

Mindfulness Based Weight Management

Check out this short video to learn more on how Mindfulness can help you achieve and keep the body you have always wanted.


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